Friday, 9 September 2016

Amoura Carter - Three Tips for Getting Through Undergraduate School

Amoura Carter is a current high school teacher who will be starting a new position later in August as the new year begins. She is teaching English to students at Garinger High School, and is very capable in her responsibilities. She graduated from undergraduate school at Davidson College in North Carolina, and understands how to help others graduate from college as well.

Amoura Carter

 Taking good notes is essential in college. Early in your college career, you’ll be in classes with hundreds of other students, depending on the size of your school, which means that personal attention isn’t always a guarantee. You need to be able to take legible and fast notes in order to get down all the important information you’ll need to know for the exam later on in the semester or quarter.

In addition to taking notes, you need to find time to study outside of class. Many students don’t realize that time management is a major part of success in college, and they spend too much time outside of class socializing. Take some time outside of class in order to review your notes, study reading material, and learn course material in general. The more time you spend on your work, the better off you’ll be when exam time comes around.

Study material in groups. When you study in groups, you not only have to learn the material, but you also have the chance to explain it to your peers. Being able to both answer and explain a question or topic means that you have a full understanding of the topic itself.

Amoura Carter understands how to be a successful student.