Monday, 5 September 2016

Amoura Carter-Teaching Tips for Educators of All Ages

Amoura Carter is a talented and determined educator who is about to be a new English teacher for Garinger High School. She understands what it takes to prepare students for the next levels of education, and she is confident she can help them on their paths. Here are some useful teaching tips for educators of all ages and grade levels.

In order to be a successful teacher, you need to teach with a calm, yet demanding demeanor. This doesn’t mean you have to be strict, but you are in charge of your classroom, and the students need to understand this. If you have control of your class, you will be able to teach your students calmly, which promotes a healthy learning environment for the students themselves. Show your students that learning is the number one priority.

Allow time for in class work. Many teachers get caught up teaching the lessons of the day that they don’t leave enough time for practice in the classroom. This can pose a challenge for the students as they struggle to do their homework with the aid of a teacher nearby. Make sure you are assigning in class work so that the students have the time to ask questions and understand the material more easily.

Prepare your lessons ahead of time in order to stay on track. Many seasoned teachers make the mistake of not taking the time to adequately plan out lessons; this can pose a problem when students ask important questions during class about the material.

Amoura Carter understands the pressure put on teachers, no matter the grade level they teach.