Monday, 7 November 2016

Charlotte Goes from Ore to Big Bills - Amoura Carter

The vertical spaces left in a mine after the stoping process of mineral extraction is used to extract ore are called gunnies. It was over the gunnies left from mines near Sugar Creek and Irwin Creek that the Charlotte, North Carolina of Amoura Carter was built. Stoping requires that the surrounding rock of the vein is strong enough not to collapse into the space, although many times artificial support is required. Some stoping is done by digging down from the surface, following the vein by using fire or explosives. Explosives, power tools and mining machinery to extract valuable ore results in spaces large and small called gunnies, which are often backfilled with the debris and removed substance, or with a combination of tailings and cement when mining has ended. The older the mine, the greater the danger of collapse of the gunnie which leaves surface craters, some quite large. These surface craters are known as coffens, or gunnis.

Amoura Carter

Charlotte, North Carolina is the largest city in that state, and is second only to Jacksonville, Florida for largest city in the southeastern United States. Resident Amoura Carter has a multitude of reasons to assert that Charlotte is the place to be, as she wrote for Bustling and dynamic, Charlotte is the home of the Bank of America corporate headquarters, the East Coast center of Wells Fargo operations, and a variety of other vital financial firms, the combination of which renders Charlotte the second largest banking center in the United States. The Charlotte Douglas International Airport was the 23rd busiest in the world in 2013, bringing domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy Charlottean attractions.