Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Amoura Carter - Three Pros of Living in Beijing

Amoura Carter made the bold decision to move to Beijing, the capital of China, after she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College in North Carolina. While many Americans don’t know very much about China or its capital, suddenly Carter was face-to-face with an ancient society and culture and a huge city. Over time, she made a life for herself there. She was there to teach English language classes, but she eventually found herself working at a variety of other jobs to make ends meet. Here are a few of the positives of living in Beijing that she learned during her time there:
Amoura Carter
  • The expat community is lively and large. Many people leave their comfortable surroundings to move to Beijing just like Amoura Carter did. So no matter where you’re from, you’re likely to meet people who speak your language and give you a sense of familiarity and friendship in the big city.
  • Access to celebrities. Local luminaries and celebrities are surprisingly approachable everywhere in Beijing. In most popular dive bars, there are any number of people you can meet with a local following if you know where to look. Connections are made this way and they can result in big payoffs.
  • Beijing is big, yet small. Beijing is a city of over 12.7 million people, yet you can run into the same people regularly over and over again in neighborhoods all over the city. Amoura Carter did her fair share of exploration of the city as well, finding many quiet, soothing areas to go along with the hustle and bustle of it all.
Amoura Carter learned much from her experiences in Beijing that help her today.